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The Epic Listing Of 45 Business Ideas With Regard To Work From Home Moms

If you’ve ever filed taxes as a sole proprietor, then you understand that you’ve also got to pay self-employment taxes. However, you can’t deduct your insurance for any time when you’re able to participate in an employer-subsidized plan (i. e. through your spouse or partner). But if you travel to meet a client, perform a job outside the home, purchase business supplies, conduct research or do any other kind of activity for your job, you can deduct this travel.

Forget about having to decide between preparing lunch and paying $38 for a salad. When it comes to taxes and the IRS, you never want to stretch the rules. However, you should make sure you’re taking all the deductions that are legally allowed to you. After all, large corporations have legions of tax advisors helping them get the lowest tax bill possible. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to consult with a tax professional.

That includes a standard mileage deduction, parking and tolls. Trying to expense a new painting might be a stretch unless you bring clients to your home office. If you’ve been thinking about a new desk, office chair, bookcase, desk lamp or other office furniture, keep in mind that these are all allowable deductions.

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Business From Home

However, keep in mind that if you only have one tablet or laptop, you’re also most likely to use it for personally as well. In this case, you can only expense the percentage of how much the equipment is used for business (i. e. 50% or 60%). Don’t forget all the paper, ink toner, postage, paper clips and other supplies that you purchase. These are all fully deductible (provided you prove you’re using them for your business).

They’ll make sure you’ve crossed all your t’s and dotted your i’s. Forming a corporation or an LLC (and then making what’s called an “S Corp Election”) might help you reduce your self-employment taxes. That’s because, with an S Corporation, you can pay yourself a “reasonable salary”; any remaining profits can be taken as a profit distribution (and these aren’t subject to self-employment taxes).

For example, Sarah, a graphic designer, uses a spare room in her rental apartment as her office. The apartment is 1, 900 square feet and the office is 180 square feet. She’s able to write off $5 per square foot of the office space. Also, any upgrades—such as painting—can be deducted as well. If your kitchen table doubles as your work desk, you won’t be able to deduct it. But , if you’ve got a dedicated room for an office or even a portion of a room, you’ll be able to deduct some of your housing costs. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

In our example, Sarah deducts 50% of her monthly broadband bill as a business expense. In this case, you deduct a percentage of your square footage that is office space. You can also deduct some of your broadband/Internet bills, but you’ve got to take into account that you most likely use your home broadband for non-work purposes as well. If you’re taking a home office deduction, you’re also able to deduct a portion of your utility bills—namely your monthly heating and electricity bills. You may have heard that the home office deduction is a big red flag and the IRS is more likely to audit self-employed professionals who take advantage of it. However, if you’re legitimately entitled to the deduction, take it.