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Our management students develop the skills needed for success as entrepreneurs and managers in companies of all sizes. He has earned two doctorate degrees, first from University of Lucknow in business administration and second from Iowa State University in hospitality management.

Management Marketing

This course provides students with knowledge on the sales profession, customer relationship management, and sales management functions. Students gain insights into the sales process, the relationship between sales and marketing, and the responsibilities of sales management within both business-to-consumer and business-to-business selling environments. Marketing Strategy and Analytics is the capstone course for the marketing major. The course provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate competencies developed throughout the program by engaging in the design, implementation, and analysis of a marketing strategy. Students are given business scenarios using simulations and case studies to apply critical-thinking and decision-making skills. Students will analyze the business environment and make decisions about market segmentation, buyer behavior, and the marketing mix. Students will demonstrate the relationship between strategy and analytics by using marketing analytics to report marketing campaign results and make recommendations.

He has two MBA degrees in marketing management and computer management from University of Pune. Graduates of our program are employed in business to business sales, regional sales management, marketing managers, global marketing and communications managers and much more. Besides the fundamentals of marketing, students also learn practical skills that will set them apart in both internships and entry-level positions. Marketing classes at SRU feature productivity software, management info systems and communications.

This course provides students with real-world application to prepare them for the marketing industry. Principles of Economics provides students with the knowledge they need to be successful managers, including basic economic theories related to markets and how markets function. This course starts by defining economics, differentiating between microeconomics and macroeconomics, and explaining the fundamental economic principles of each. It then looks at microeconomics and how it is used to make business and public policy decisions, including the principles of supply, demand, and elasticity, market efficiency, cost of production, and different market structures.

Access our inbound and outbound marketing services for property managers, and watch your leads increase. College Specific Career Services Department The College of Business and Technology is the only college on campus to have its own Career Services department geared toward your specific major and career goals. Because we have our own career services, Management and Marketing students are given all the necessary resources and networking opportunities to excel post-graduation. The Department of Management and Marketing at East Tennessee State University offers programs that provide students with managerial and leadership skills to prepare them for jobs in industry, government, and not-for-profit. Our students learn how to help businesses and communities cope with the challenges and complexities of today’s ever-changing world. As you can see from these sample courses, specializing in marketing will help you become well-versed in the principles and strategies of effective sales and marketing campaigns.

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services and is crucial to every type of company. Our marketing students develop a strong foundation in marketing problem solving, marketing research and international marketing. Management involves planning, organizing, leading and controlling an organization’s human, financial and information resources to efficiently achieve goals. A manager is responsible for achieving results through the efforts of other people, whether individually, in groups or in organizations. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who wear multiple hats within their companies.